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2023: The Year We Block Fear

Hello beautiful people!

Hope everyone's had a wonderful start to the new year! 2023 - another year of life.

I just wanted to hop on here to thank everyone for their amazing support. I recently received my Spotify Wrapped for my podcast The RichMindz Podcast, and I couldn't believe the stats I was seeing. My podcast got 220 streams on Spotify and 535 streams on SoundCloud, and it was…

  • Heard in 9 countries, in which the top 5 countries that streamed by podcast were Taiwan, United Kingdom, Thailand, Macau and Singapore

  • A top 10 podcast for 26 fans

  • A top 5 podcast for 24 fans

  • The #1 for 11 fans

  • In the top 20% most shared GLOBALLY

It also had…

  • 999% more streams

  • 900% more followers

  • 550% more listeners

  • 361% more listeners compared to the average week

I'm just speechless. There's only one word: God.

God has blessed me in so many ways all my life, but being able to see the impact I've had is just truly touching. From launching this very website and The RichMindz Podcast back in 2020, to publishing my self-help book Teenagers, Wake Up! and touring around schools in Macau to deliver talks to 1,000 students in 2021. And now, 2022. Although it's been full of ups and downs (as beautiful as life gets), it's been such an eventful and miraculous year overall. From not having lessons, self-studying during my final year of high school, and doubting my academic future due to the lack of support I got from my old school, to getting accepted into my dream course at my dream uni (University of Leeds). From there, I got to meet the most awesome people ever, who have created an environment of growth, laughter and lifelong memories. From afternoons blasting music and playing pool, having deep talks at midnight, to going on the Christian Union weekend away, having a day trip to the Christmas market, and watching the World Cup matches in the Old Bar with amazing company and atmosphere - it's all been too much fun. I'm so grateful for all that I've received last year and each and every year prior.

I just want to let everyone know, that although it's a new year, don't feel pressured to create a new you instantly. Yes, creating a better version of you is what you should be striving for, but with this comes time. And just because you don't see your new year's resolutions come into effect by February, doesn't mean that it's unachievable and that you should leave it for the next year. This just creates a vicious cycle of you running away rather than facing new challenges, which severely stunts your growth. Rather than seeing it as a "new year" (although it literally is one), see it as a continuation of your story from the previous year, but with a fresh start to it. Rather than criticising yourself for moving slow, nurture yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Remember that we all move at different paces. You may look at other people and wonder why it isn't happening to you yet. Well, at least you're moving. That deserves credit as progress too. Take a minute to think about what goals you set for yourself around this time last year, and really think about how far you've got with that. Did you give up? If so, why did you? Imagine the 'you' you could've created and become if you didn't let go of your goals so easily. Just imagine where you'd be in life. Remember, the only person you should be competing against is your old self. Make your future self proud. Your future depends on you, not your past.

I mean, remember a year ago when you didn't know how you would make it here? By God's grace, you made it here, and by God's grace, you'll make it through this year, and the next. Can't you see the trend? Even during the doubts and the fear, we still manage to make it through to the other side. But having doubts and fear present interferes with your mindset and your life, especially how fruitful it becomes.

As we enter this new year, stop letting fear govern your life. Stop letting the fear of failure get in the way of you achieving your dreams. Stop letting fear dictate your every move. I believe that fear is just a shadow that tries to haunt and manipulate you into giving in and giving up. Fear is what we make of it. It's kind of ironic, isn't it? Your mind can either be your best friend, or your biggest enemy. Fear can easily disappear whenever we make up our mind and decide for it to, and I think it's about damn time it did.

So, what do you say?

Sam x


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