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A New Beginning

As these are the last few hours of the year 2020, I would like to say one final thing.

Though this year was filled with various struggles, there were also moments of growth and humbling life experiences that will be impossible to ever forget. So, to finish this year off on a high, let's owe 2020 a massive 'thank you'.

Thank you 2020 for opening my eyes, and letting me see the things I never saw before.

Thank you 2020 for inviting new opportunities to my doorstep.

Thank you 2020 for making me learn how to embrace my loved ones.

Thank you 2020 for making me prioritise my health and my time.

Thank you 2020 for making me see the importance of self-growth.

Thank you 2020 for making me invest my effort into more meaningful things.

Thank you 2020 for eliminating toxic friends.

Thank you 2020 for keeping me grounded, throughout everything.

To conclude, let's cheers to whatever 2021 has to offer us. To be honest, I'm thankful either way. I'll always be grateful for everything I've learned this year - things that I'd never learn in any other year; things to appreciate and hold onto, and to cherish forever.

No matter what happens, I will always have faith.


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