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Don't we all get overwhelmed by change? Is change even a good thing?

To answer those two questions, yes, change is great. In all honesty, I have been going through a lot of change recently - which I can proudly declare that they are all beneficial. But there is one strange thing I realised about myself this week.

When I was younger, I used to be desperate to fit in. I used to have this strong desire of wanting to be accepted, which is something we all truly want in life. But just this week, I realised that I don't need that. And so I decided to hang out with myself. I went to the shopping mall on my own and I had lunch on my own. But the most important thing of it all was that I didn't go on my phone at all. I lived and breathed like a normal person. Someone who didn't need any sort of distraction when alone in peace, in my own space and time. With God.

However, a lot of people I know aren't dealing with change in a positive way. All I want to say is, whatever you are going through, whatever you are facing (big or small) is something we might not be able to control. But the outcome is something we definitely can. Rather than letting change take control of us and affect how we function as people, we can actually take advantage of it. How? Well, if you are going through a breakup, maybe the breakup was bound to happen to teach you something. Maybe you were too attached to that certain someone until you became too lenient and dependent. Maybe this breakup can teach you how to become independent. Maybe your friendship group ditched you. Maybe you were bound to be ditched to realise that your worth will be far more appreciated somewhere else, by someone else. Maybe you are supposed to use this time that you have to yourself, to learn and become more grounded instead of mentally and emotionally draining yourself by hanging out with people who might not do you any good. Maybe you were left alone so that you could realise something about yourself or the environment you're in. All these changes, big or small, have impact on who we are. The change is there right in front of you, but your job now is to make it happen for the better.


Sam x


- How can I use these changes and challenges to live and lead a better life?

- In what way is this used to edify the person I am today?

- How can I generally improve myself?


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