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Heartbroken; Now What?

Breakups. Don't they suck? Well, today, we will learn how to not make that the case.

How is that even possible? Breakups are designed to ruin you and tear you apart, right? It's something we all can't control. However, what you can control is how you deal with them, and above all, the outcome.

If you pay close attention to the couples that surround you, e.g. friends that you know who have broken up, you will probably notice that in most cases, one of them excels extreme amounts and gains success, whilst the other one completely flops and ends up becoming a train wreck.

Of course, we all desire to end up in the best shape as possible, especially after a breakup.

So, let's analyse the two examples above. In most cases, the second person resorts to drugs and alcohol to alleviate the pain. Some even get into the next relationship after they have just broken up with someone. If this is something you do, you must remember that resorting to drugs and alcohol isn't the solution, and it never will be one.

First off, these are things that will temporarily alleviate the stress and sadness you are undergoing. It's not something permanent or beneficial. If you are also getting into another relationship just after you got out of one, you are just delaying your process of self-growth. The more you resist to accept the reality of heartbreak and its pain, the more you are pushing back the lessons you should learn, and all this will lead to is you only hurting much later - which is something rather not enjoyable.

What you need to do is, instead of thinking, "Why is this happening to me?", ask yourself "What can I learn to improve who I am?" Even when you may be tempted to cry your eyes out, you need to learn how to pick yourself up. If they really are the one for you, they wouldn't have gone anywhere, but they have. Do yourself a favour and keep doing what you love. The more you do this, the more you will be able to reach your goal without any distractions. Doing so will already be your revenge.

Sam x


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