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Keeping Busy

I find that routines are extremely important, especially during times like these. Even though we might all struggle with sticking to one, it's best we try to. Why? Well, whether it's online school, work from home, or any other forms of work, the last thing we want to do is slack. But how can we not slack when we all feel so unmotivated to stay on top of things? That's the thing.

Once someone becomes unmotivated, it affects everything, such as performance, persistence and their attitude towards achieving something. This mainly applies to nowadays, when everyone is restricted and locked up in their own homes. It's difficult to remain busy and distracted when there's barely anything to be distracted to.

However, it's vital to keep your spirit high and keep yourself busy, no matter how lonely, down or moody you may feel. This mainly applies to those who are being quarantined alone. Have a chat with your friends and family through any forms of video call, such as Zoom. Have a mini catch-up. What you could do as well is watch Netflix with them through screen sharing on Zoom (which is something I have impressively discovered and done with my best friend). It was actually so fun. There are so many ways to keep yourself entertained. We just need to keep our heads up.

Above all, try to stick to your routine. Make your bed in the morning, go for a run, set a time for work, balance things and manage what's in front of you. Keep things organised for your own sake. Keep things going so that when things get back to normal, you won't be behind on things, but instead, you'll be on top. Putting this into practice will better your performance, persistence and your attitude when mastering something you have been working so hard for. Now isn't the time to slack. You must use this time you have to yourself and make the most use out of it. The best way to do that is by sticking to your routine.

Sam x


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