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Why does your mental health matter?

What are your thoughts on mental health? How do you cope with it? Can you?

It's no doubt that mental health is the most essential thing to master, especially since it's a heavy topic.

If you are struggling with your mental health, I just want to remind you that you’re human and it’s completely normal to feel. We all rise and fall at one point in life or another, but remember that everything happens for you to learn and improve from.

One thing that definitely helps is sharing your thoughts and struggles with someone who is truly trusted. The more you do this, the more insights and solutions you will get, and the less isolated and neglected you will feel from society - which is a healthy step worth taking.

Another thing to consider is not spending too much time and energy overthinking things. Overthinking and doubting things will just lead and create a much bigger and worse problem than there was to begin with.

Most importantly, don’t ever think that you will seem annoying when seeking advice. Don’t suffer in silence when your voice deserves to be heard. It’s about time to feel empowered enough to speak up for yourself. You may think that seeking advice seems like something weak to do, but it's something you should put into practice to become a much stronger version of yourself.

At the same time, also remember that the solutions other people provide you with is only to uplift you. You mustn't rely on them to listen to your problems and solve them completely, simply because they can't. Only YOU can get yourself out of the struggles you are facing. Only YOU can defeat your giant. It's up to you. And by doing so, this is what makes a fantastic story to tell because from then onward, all you will do is excel.

Sam x

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