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My Journey to Loving My Body

I'm so excited to announce that one of my blogs on self-love is now published on YoungMinds' website at

YoungMinds was founded in 1993. It's a mental health charity whose main commitment and target is to improve the wellbeing and mental health of the youth around us. They are easily accessible at, where you can reach out to mental health professionals, learn and enlighten yourself based on any other sorts of advice and support from other young people like you, who have battled and overcome issues that have circled mental health topics such as bullying, coping with anxiety, academic worries, advice on how to take care of yourself during times like these, the pride community, racism, etc. Hope you guys can use this time to educate yourselves on a deeper level on what's happening around us in today's society and how we can work together to improve mental health conditions for each other. This is something vital, especially during times like these when most of us aren't at our peak.

Please be sure to check it out. This would mean a lot to me.


Sam x


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