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Parents. Who are they really?

Who are they, really? They aren't just the people who we live with.

Parents are the most underrated superheroes - even more underrated than Spider-Man and Iron Man, though they work more wonders than them. They are the biggest gift one can ever receive. Not many people understand how hard it is to be a parent. Not to mention that they invest huge amounts of their time and all of their effort just to watch us grow.

You might not have noticed, but they completely concentrate on our happiness until they forget their own. They have sacrificed everything just to see us happy. Parents are our rocks. They keep us going. They keep our households up and running. They provide us with anything you could ever think of, food, water, money, accessories, education, especially a roof to live under, whilst not many people are as privileged to have this gift. Not many children are given the amazing parents that you are given, so please express how much they mean to you as much as possible before it’s too late for them to receive this appreciation.

It’s important for us to remember this. We mustn’t take this for granted. Instead, we must show them how much they truly mean to us, as we might not have done so whilst growing up. The best thing you can do is to repay them. Not with money, but with your time. Spend as much time with them with no regrets - which is something we are all capable of doing during this pandemic. We should all build our relationships with our parents with the time that we are given. See it as a gift. The least you can do is make them proud of the human you are growing to be. The more you do this with all your heart, strength and might, the greater the outcome and the more blessings you will receive in return when your time being a parent comes. After all, you get what you give.


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