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Supporting Each Other

I put a little something together to remind us all about the support we truly need, and the strength we can all have when we are put together as a team.

Even when we should all be living in a community full of people who care for one another and each other's feelings, we don't. Most people nowadays are just so preoccupied, worrying about their own worries, stresses and priorities until we become so blinded, that in fact, we neglect and sideline other people, who might not have the capability to handle their own personal issues - which only builds up to become a huge problem that one cannot fix. So, today, we will learn how to become more educated and more considerate of those who are struggling in silence.

  1. Listen to each other's problems - this is much needed, especially for those who are known to be a man or woman of few words. Some people battle things without others knowing, and this can easily eat up at someone's mental health because they are so busy focusing on a certain matter, instead of living their live freely. It's important to listen to one another so that we can all feel stable, knowing that we have a friend to talk to in times on need. Even though your advice might not be the greatest, having someone to listen to is already something. Listening to one another is the least and best thing you can do. People will already feel more secure and open, which is healthy. The more we listen to each other's cries, the more of a supportive community we can actually become.

  2. Check in on someone - checking in on someone and being there for them links to listening to each other attentively. Even though it may not seem like a big deal, checking in on someone can have a huge impact on their life. They might not have someone who does this but checking in regularly is a sign that you care, and that you will always be there for them. The more you do this, the more this can gradually help them become more open and comfortable with speaking out. The more this happens, the more they will be able to warm up to you and they will feel safer, and above all, mentally secure.

  3. Don't judge someone - this is a real requirement. When someone is enduring or overcoming something, it's best to not judge them or say something that can easily be misinterpreted by someone who is sensitive with real feelings. Words can really hurt and scar someone, even when you may not mean for it to. Negative things can easily stick to someone throughout their whole life, so you must be really careful with what you say. The more you judge someone, the more they will feel neglected and excluded from society because they will feel as if they don't have a say in things, which can affect someone deeply.

  4. Be kind - this applies to the one listed above. Being kind to each other is something many people fail to do, even when it should be something we do instinctively. Being kind can help alleviate other people's pain and struggles. Over all, it's just a good sport to practise, mainly because this would be the way we would want to be treated in return. If you haven't noticed, being kind can also help you too. It can help alleviate any anger or grudges you hold. Instead of letting it out or lashing out at others with negativity, you'll be doing it with positiveness. This leads a much more positive lifestyle, and this can change the way you perceive things, which leads to your life improving for the better, since you are becoming a better person for yourself and for those around you.

Honestly, all of these four bullet points contribute to improving you as a person. Keep this in mind and please self-reflect and educate yourself on the ways we can support each other during tough times, just like these.

I hope everyone remains safe and healthy, and please stay at home and take care of one other.

Lots of love,

Sam x


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