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Are they though? Today's issue is something I am pretty sure a lot of people think about, and that is...

"Are relationships worth it right now? I'm so busy with my work and my studies and school stuff but I really want to ask this girl out and make a move. I've liked her for a very long time. I've been turned down so many times before and she might turn me down just like the others. I have a feeling she likes me but I have absolutely no idea and I can't tell. What should I do?"

To answer the first question honestly, that's a question you should consider asking yourself since it mainly depends on an individual. It varies a lot for everyone, but all I can say is that timing is key. If you really don't have time for a relationship, then make sure you get going with what your mind is set on and prioritise that first.

Of course your studies should be your top priority, but you need to balance things out. Even though you could be extremely busy, you still need to be able to invest your time and effort in other things that you are interested in. You can't just completely rely your whole life on your studies. You need to actually live a little. Relationships matter too, you know? Life isn't just all about books.

If you're an ambitious person, try not to become overambitious until you sideline everything and neglect your social life. If you're interested in her, go get her and make the move. Don't silently suffer and wait for her to notice you and make a move first because there's a high chance she's waiting for you too. If you've been turned down various times before, that shouldn't affect you or your love life now. That happened in the past. Just because other girls turned you down before doesn't mean she will. Whether she likes you, doesn't like you or if you just can't tell, you should still try and shoot your shot. When she notices you putting in effort, she might come around too. Once she starts to feel more comfortable and safe around you, then it's real talk.

P.S. If you would like me to help you with anything whatsoever, let me know and drop your question by filling in the form that can be found at the bottom of every page of this website. If you would like to be anonymous instead, that's fine too.

Best wishes,

Sam x


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