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Hi guys! I hope you're all doing well. Since it's the first week of September, I know many of you are starting school very soon, or perhaps have already started. I opened my mailbox this morning and saw a very common issue that links to school, work, and other sorts of sources that scream pressure and stress everywhere. And that is...

"I'm so stressed with everything like school work and other projects that I have been assigned and it's only my first day of school. Before you ask me why we're starting school so early, I don't have an answer either. I guess it is what it is but in all honesty, my schedule and school routine really sucks. I have so many activities all crammed in one day. Like tomorrow, I have soccer practice straight after school and I only get back home at 8pm since we're practicing real hard for finals in a few weeks. At the same time, I have so many presentations to finish, like geography and I have to report back an experiment that I was supposed to do 3 days ago with a science partner. I kept asking for an extension piece because I'm not capable of doing the experiment with my science buddy anytime soon but I keep on postponing it because of how busy I am with soccer practice, mainly because I get so much pressure from my dad who used to be a former soccer coach in LA. To cut things short, I have no idea how to manage things all at once because my time management is so bad but I know that you handle timings really well so I came to you. Anyways, thanks Sam."

Sounds familiar? Yes. Whether it's football training, art class, extra curricular activities, or anything else, we have all had to deal with overdue homework, postponed school work and the pain of extensions. But hey, hopefully today, you can learn how to manage your time like a pro.

Time management mainly depends on how well you have been trained to be organised and how much you persevere. When I was 6 years old, I once finished school and went back home and played. My mum asked me to do my homework but I told her that I would do it after dinner, so I played until dinner. After dinner, my mum said the same thing, but I told her that I would do it later. So I played until bedtime. My mum said "Okay, since you didn't do your homework and since you kept on procrastinating, you will wake up at 6am tomorrow morning to do your homework." I thought she was bluffing so I didn't care much and I just went with what she said, not even realising how early 6am really is. So, at 6am the next morning, my mum woke me up. I was really pissed off because I was still so tired, but my mum being my mum, she did what she had to do to teach me a lesson. When I didn't wake up to do my homework that was due that day, I had to do it in the car on the way to school. I cried so much but at last, I managed to complete it before I arrived at school. Ever since that day, I have always done my homework before anything else - which trained me how to be more organised.

In addition to organisation, if you are really struggling with time management, you need to set a time on what you are going to do. You will need to be able to manage everything equally. In relation to your concern, isn't 4pm something to 8pm a bit overboard? I mean, your football championship is important, but you need to know that once you overwork something and lose your balance with other things, it won't satisfy you once you achieve that certain thing. You'll be outdoing yourself and it'll just be so exhausting and it won't make you happy when doing it. Plus, if you lose that championship, you'll be losing both that and your studies. So don't make it a double loss.

To sum things up, you'll need to put equal amounts of effort into both things. Also, you need to stop giving yourself excuses. Get your presentations, projects and other work over and done with instead of hiding and running away from it. At the end of the day, you'll need to face it either way.

All the best of luck for your finals!

P.S. If you would like to ask me anything or if you'd like me to help you with any concern of yours, please let me know by filling in the question / problem form which is found at the bottom of every page of this website.

Sam x


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