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Role models. Who are they?

We have all grown up surrounded by so many people during our childhood. We all started at the very baseline of life and of course, as we grow older, our paths split apart. One of us go one way whilst the others go down a different road. But it's up to us to choose the right path in life.

In relation to the question, role models will always remain perfect in our heads. But what we tend to forget is that we need to open our eyes and actually see through them. Are you surrounding yourself with those who have a positive impact in your life? Are the people you hang out with, people you want to turn out like? Are they benefiting you so that you can at least have a chance of improving yourself? Those you surround yourself with should be able to deliver this. The support you receive is the ever most valuable thing in life as it has a huge effect on the way you function. Support is great after all, but make sure you get the right support that will push you to think and do great things. If the people around you fail to bring this to the table, this doesn't give you an excuse to follow their footsteps. You can become your own role model. You can become that empowering person others can look up to.

Now looking back at those people I grew up with and thinking about the beings they have grown up to be now is just crazy and I thank God I didn't turn out like the train wrecks they are. Imagine what things would be like if we looked up to them, to those who did us no good. Imagine how we would have gotten nowhere in life.

The sole purpose of having a role model is so that you can have someone to look up to in times of need, or just generally in life. Role model can be your parents, your friends, a celebrity, etc. But most importantly, your role model must be one who uplifts and encourages you. If you look up to those who don’t spread good energy or those who don’t have any good influence, yet you still look up to them and hang around them e.g. friends who smoke, do drugs, sleep around, party, etc. then you’re most likely to turn out just like them or even worse. I mean, in all honesty, have you ever looked at a certain person and felt extremely grateful for not getting involved in their mess? All I hope is for you to find the right person or people who are worth looking up to, for your own sake. But most importantly, if you have realised your peer group isn't doing much of a favour for you, keep focused and do what you do best.

You're on your way to achieve much greater things :)

Sam x


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