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Is social media the drain to our self-love?

To put things simply, yes. Today's matter will mainly circle around social media's impact on our self-love. As mentioned in my self-love blog, social media has a huge effect on the way we see ourselves, on the love and appreciation we receive and our perceptions of today's world.

Look at the definition that the social media world brings to the words 'hot", "attractive" and "pretty". I mean, it's barely real. Everyone's views on everything we encounter has altered to something that is completely different to reality, but instead, what we expect of it - which is probably one of the most saddening things ever.

Back in the day, no one really cared about achieving the most hard rock abs, the best curves out there, clear skin, having skinny legs, you name it. Those from older generations lived freely, without being limited to other people's expectations of them, and without living by reaching them.

This is the problem of today's society. We aren't living for ourselves. We're living by what we want others to see when they look at us. If this is really what you will be doing for the rest of your life, you won't go far. You will just end up damaged, broken and worthless. You deserve more than being an experiment to aesthetically please others. You must raise your standards on the way you will be perceived by others. The more you do this, the more respect you will get from others, but most of all, from yourself. This is when you will realise how much more you deserve. And when you do, the more self-worth you will gain.

Sam x


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